Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mark the fashion statement in your 40s and beyond..

Let’s face the fact that youth has no age but age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn't matter. Aging or turning 40s women tend to lose in touch with fashion and become less stylish. Their conventional approach lacks the passion towards the latest trend updates. Juggling between hectic household chores, kids, family and busy office schedules, you tend to keep yourself on the secondary shelf. But now it’s time to rejuvenate your wardrobe and enjoy the fresh new makeover for yourself. The most vital key is to self analyze about your personal style, preferences and taste.  Access Women's Fashion Online without leaving your comfort zone at just click of the button

Enjoy the complete revamp with following simple tips and you will discover the real new you. Now invest your time and expenses to modify your simple closet into the fashion cabinet with women fashion clothes.

Dress up yourself as per your choice and taste, not anyone else.  

Shed out the old unfashionable and out of shape dresses and replace those with exclusive sleek gowns, skirts and shirt dress with fancy shoes. Try out vibrant colors. Black would be the best hue for every and any occasion. For your corporate look try out simple straight cut pants with short formal top to go with. For semi formal functions and parties you can go in for waist to knee body shapers if your curves are not up to the mark.


High waist denims are outdated now and you have one in your closet right? That won’t work on you as it will look very unconventional. Try out low waist jeans in trouser cut in case you are conscious of your inner garments slow up while sitting. It will provide you a sophisticated look. Flaunt your lively jackets for your causal weekend looks.

Fancy Jackets and frilly tops

Pair up shapely jackets or frilly and free flowing tops like kaftans with skirts, trousers and jeans. You can also wear fine printed delicate blouse with pencil skirts and sheer tank will give you a glamorous look.


Normally it is assumed that with aging women are unable to walk in sleek or pencil point heels as they at times hurt their feet or could not balance themselves. Show off your cat walk with wedges and be the women fashion 2016, they can be worn in any season. Your appearance will appear leaner giving you the fashionable looks and provide an illusion of longer legs. Once comfortable you can try stilettos or at times flat shoes or booties for a change.


Try out some bold and flashy jewellery with trendy clutches and purses. Pearls or colorful stones will give an elegant look with the formal and semi formal outfits. Danglings will go well with long skirts and contemporary tops.

Skin care

Constant use of good moisturizer and make up is very basic and essential with fine detailing. Proper clean ups and skin care will bring that pinky glow on your face. Nail care and art has become very important now days. Try out vibrant and dark nail colors which match your lipsticks.

Last but not the least enjoy the tricks of growing up without growing old. With proper diet and care rejuvenate the new look. So now when you look into the mirror you will fall in love with the person you see in that. Reservedeal welcomes you to explore your new look with us so what are you waiting for? Explore the wide range of women's fashion shopping online for the person you love the most that’s you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to illuminate your home’s ceilings and walls with trendy and dazzling lamps and lightings

Planning for rejuvenating your hearth for some fresher and contemporary looks? Looking out for some new gadgets and appliances that will allocate an advanced look highlighting your personalized touch! During the renovation you end up putting ideas as to how things should be from color of the paint to style and design of décor. In this you often overlook the ceiling as to how it should be.

Ceilings are normally left plain and colored in white splash making it dull and boring. Now days it has become a vital are and considered to be the fifth wall while beautifying the hearth. Presently E-commerce have made it very easy and comfortable options of lamps and lighting online shopping at a click of the button right from your comfort zone. Many lighting online shopping options are accessible varying from small artistic wall lamps to vast dazzling ceiling chandeliers. You can follow the simple steps to modify your ceilings and walls into awesome and inspiring one: 

  Wall Lamps and Lightings

Wall lamps are used to highlight the particular area of the wall for soft dim lightings. Many options like glass painting lamps, handmade wooden lamps, traditional, rustic, contemporary, transitional and many more to choose from with varied brightness features are easily accessible. 

  Designer Table Lamps

Lamps can be used as a showpiece. Now days versatile alternatives are available in the market. Mushroom night lamps, stained glass, crystal, translucent, art deco and many more. You can also avail them in cartoon characters which will match your child’s taste. 

Highlighting Lamps 

 These lamps are used to highlight a particular painting or décor and are placed under and sides of that masterpiece. It accentuates the character and feature of the room thus displaying your taste, preference and personality. 


These dangling pieces falling free light fixture from the ceiling brightening up the room and give a vintage look. They are fixed in living rooms, hallways and recently in bathrooms. Their history goes back from medieval times. Lately these lamps and lightings have become a part of corporate world too. They are widely used to decorate office receptions, conference rooms and all over the office in versatile style. You can do lamps online shopping at any lamps online india shopping stores. So what are you waiting for get up and visit our Reservedeal online shopping store for these and many other home and office décor items at just click of the button.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Let’s Say Our Final Goodbye to Winter And Welcome Spring In A Festive Style

New Year has just started and time for festivity has commenced. We welcome the New Year with immense prosperity and happiness, harvesting the success, health and wisdom. Winters are at the verge of bidding us goodbye for the next year to come where spring is just on the way. A time of harvest celebrated with joy and pompous, sweetening it up with authentic ingredients like til, gul, popcorns, mungfali and many other sweet candies. A wave of festive season spreads across India in form of Lohri in Punjab, Pongal in South India, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra and with many other names. 

reservedeal Lohri celebration

People gather with loved ones to celebrate these vibrant festivities of Lohri celebration around the bonfires all the through the night singing and dancing at the beats of dhol, savoring sweet delicacies of til, gul, gajjak, mungfali, makka ke phule (popcorns) and many more. In some places this festival is celebrated with kite flying festivals which are very popular internationally. A fresh flash of colors are sprayed in form of kites on the backdrop of light blue sky. A cheering of kai po che echo is heard everywhere from the delightful crowd enjoying along with the delectable chikkis made of puff rice, puffed gram, til, gul and many more. 

reservedeal lohri celebration

Festival celebration reflects versatile shades in India where diverse cultures meet its unity. The sugar coated saying as it goes “Til gul ghaya, goud goud bola” blend with black sarees and haldi kumkum highlights the tradition of Maharashtra. Our blessed Tamil Nadu kins celebrate this day as Pongal whereas people from Shimla, Karnataka and Rajasthan celebrate this day as Magha Saaja, Suggi and Makar Sankrant. 

Lohri festival

And how can we forget food? A vital part of any Indian ritual and festival, food rules in all cultures. In Maharashtra sweet puran polis are served in the main course where as in Gujarat a versatile winter vegetable rustic and spice explosive undhiyo is the day’s specialty followed by syrup dripping hot jalebis. 

Lohri celebration

So enjoy the spirit of the festival with your near and dear ones with mouth watering cuisine, nach, gaana aur til gul.  Reservedeal wishes you all a very happy and prosperous Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranti!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to bring your dining table to life

Hosting parties and get togethers for friends and loved ones since time immemorial are said to be the reasons of redefing the bonds. A time to engage in informal chats, welcome drinks, delectable and sumptuous cuisine to cherish the memories of bygone times. Now a days the trend of partying in hotels are very much in demand as it saves long hours in sweaty kitchen. But the old fashioned home dinners and celebration charm never fades from the mind of everyone. Moreover the menu planning, selection of classic music rewinding the old times and most important the ambience which is nothing more than the simple way to display your creativity. An impeccable dining table highlights the host’s personality, taste and dexterity.

kitchen and dining online

Presenting up a dining table is all about your craft ship and characteristic. Right from the dimension of the table to the color and design of your kitchen and dining products, entirely depending on how you prefer them to be. Nonetheless here are a few tips that you must adhere in your mind later when you invite your friends, associates or near and dear ones over a banquet at your abode.

Start the table setting with Table Decoration

While arranging the table keep in very simple and elegant. Too much of decoration can be messy and take away the area of fare or little less will make it look very lifeless.  Add some delight with flowers and colorful candles in artistic candle stands.  Make sure the size of the table is as per the number of guests invited.  For dramatic look fairly split the decorative articles on both edge of the table.

Use Table Mats to complement your table color

Table mats display a lovely layer on the table to evade the cutlery precisely on the table. It not only protects both the plates as well as the table finish but also compliment to embellish your dining room ambience. So choose a different or mix and match mats against your dining set as well as the furniture.

Place napkins for easy access during the dinning

Now with innovative ways of dining style, napkins have become an important accessory. So carefully choose light colored tiny printed napkins to give a grace to your treat. Always place them to the left of the plate next to the glasses.

Placement of Glasses play an vital role during the meal

Normally we all make a common error that we place the glass of water to the left of the plate. But the elementary rule is to place it in front place near to the plate. In case you are serving some wine than place it behind it as per the drinks served.
Dinner set - The most crucial element of your party

Choosing the right type of dinner set is very important as per your occasion. Usually borne china or silverware is used for the celebration. But now there is a trend of using stainless steel dinner set is back. Nothing is more classy and conventional than using steel set. It reminds of the bygone family gala time.

So friends next time when you are planning for any occasion these helpful tips with pour lots of compliments for your arrangements. You can access dinner set online with a click of a button for saving time in party shopping.  Now after reading are you all set to throw a party than there are many Online shopping for Home & Kitchen options to shop from. You can Shop online for Dinner sets to gift it to your loved ones and make your impression among the near and dear ones.  Reservedeal offers a one stop corporate gifting destination for buying kitchen and dining online.